Sunday, 12 October 2014

Is your business receiving scam invoices.

We have been receiving emails containing scam invoices for a while now. These may come as an email requesting payment for orders not made and from unknown companies often with incomplete or spirous email addresses.

They often contain attachments of folders or zipped folders. Unless you recognise senders do not open these, they may contain the Trojan called crypto-locker which will may encrypt your hard drive and demand a ransome for the encryption code.

Are you receiving these too, it would be interesting to know how widespread this is. For more information go to our latest news section at . And for a complete assessment of Cyber Security | Business Continuity | Digital Forensics then take a look at our new web site layout at  .

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  1. Thanks for this information... I had a similar email, and very nearly got thanks again, you saved me a lot of hassle